MFO ITALIA can assist individuals or corporations looking to (re)locate their business (in the fields of manufacturing, services, distribution, etc.) in foreign countries, or undertaking any kind of entrepreneurial activity.

In particular, and amongst other things, at MFO ITALIA we can provide all-round legal and tax advice, in any jurisdiction, including the study and practical implementation of various types of partnerships with local partners, the choice of the legal status best suited to the attainment of the business purpose and the related incorporation formalities, as well as assistance in background investigations for and drafting of any business contracts. Thanks to a close collaboration our local correspondents (for example, in London, Lugano, Monaco, Berlin, Munich, etc.), at MFO ITALIA we have been able to build up a multi-decade-long expertise in business investments and opportunities in the most attractive manufacturing and commercial areas, in Europe and elsewhere, acting as key partners for businesses looking to assess the opportunity of and / or launch new initiatives and projects abroad.