At MFO ITALIA, we have built up this field of expertise over the years thanks to our hands-on commitment and day-to-day updating of the skills and experience arising out of years of involvement in providing professional support and assistance to businesses, corporations and private individuals.

Our mix of professionals from different backgrounds and with experience in a wide array of fields (ranging from domestic and/or international tax law, the taxation of physical / legal persons, tax advice and / or litigation, both in and out court, etc.), combined with the pooling their skills and propensity to work together as a team, enables them to offer out clients qualified work teams, ready to provide effective advice and capable of grasping the peculiarities and specific aspects of each situation and set of circumstances, based on which to design tailored solutions and actions suited to the needs of each client.

Wherever they are based, our professionals are networked and can constantly exchange opinions and information, sharing ideas and solutions, with the spirit and desire to constantly improve on their experience and skills.

This enables MFO ITALIA to tailor our advisory and consulting services to the specific needs of Italian or foreign individuals or companies desiring to receive dedicated technical advice and ad hoc solutions for their strategic and day-to-day decision-making needs and processes.

MFO also boasts multi-decades-long experience in litigation and other support services, to both individuals and corporations, in respect of their dealings with the Italian tax authorities (defence, international rulings, amicable settlement of disputes), in and out of court, both nationally and internationally.

In this field we offer the following consultancy and advisory services:

  • the establishment and management of companies in almost 300 jurisdictions;
  • the establishment and management of trusts;
  • domestic and international non-routine business transactions (acquisitions, mergers, demergers, contributions, transformations);
  • group reorganisation plans;
  • international intra-group transactions (transfer pricing);
  • tax facilitations and incentives;
  • incentive bonuses and plans for employees and managers (e.g. stock options, stock grants).

Thanks to the daily exchange of experiences with colleagues of foreign-based associate firms, at MFO ITALIA we may offer our Clients ideas and solutions updated to the latest innovations on the domestic and international fronts.