MFO ITALIA has all the necessary skills and expertise to support companies, banks, foundations, art galleries, auction houses, artist, art merchants and collectors, museums, curators, restorers, etc. through a vast array of advisory and consultancy services in relation to art, cultural heritage and intellectual property law, from creating an art collection to identifying the best strategies for efficiently managing the collection and enhancing its value (for example, through loans to museums and galleries for exhibitions and publications), including, of course, the purchase and sale of artworks.

At MFO ITALIA we can also provide assistance and services for artwork protection and inheritance planning, also through the establishment of foundations, trusts (including special purpose trusts), archives and art collections, donations and / or other legacies and bequests.

If necessary, at MFO we can provide tailored solutions in respect of lending artworks, due diligence, proprietary and copyright claims, establishing the authenticity and authorship, title to and origin of an artwork, safeguarding against the risk of money laundering, fraud, counterfeiting and plagiarism, sponsorships and the so-called “art bonus” provisions, the circulation of artworks (EU passport, exports and imports, etc.) and the related tax issues (customs dues, VAT, etc.).