MFO ITALIA relies on a group of multi-disciplinary professionals highly specialised in compliance.

Our professionals, having served as directors and auditors of many companies and business entities boast experience in corporate governance that enables them to better examine the corporate dynamics, providing legal advice and consultancy in subjects such as privacy and money-laundering, providing for the compliance by the company with the applicable standards, preparing the suitable procedures and preparing the forms and documents needed to allow clients to comply with the complex regulations.

MFO assists clients in their dealings with the Authorities, before and during litigation.

Our professionals can also serve as Data Protection Officers (DPO) for public and private sector corporations, entities and legal persons.

A DPO is responsible for:

  • informing and providing consultancy services to the data controller with regard to the obligations arising out of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (the GDPR), or other domestic and EU data protection and privacy regulations;
  • overseeing full compliance with the GDPR by the data controller/processor, including the assignment of responsibilities, awareness raising and training of the data processing personnel;
  • providing opinions, at request, on impact evaluation and overseeing the implementation;
  • cooperating with the supervisory authorities and serving, inter alia, as a liaison in all data processing matters, through consultations of any kind, with a special focus on preventive advisory activities.