Our firm and professionals can boast a long-standing tradition and competence in the organisation of and best arrangements for the personal and family wealth of our clients.
The vast range of available – domestic and international – legal options and arrangements, and the possibility of combining them, enable us to design and offer solutions that are tailored to the requirements and requests of individuals and / or households, of any size, guaranteeing the best protection and conservation of wealth assets and individual rights.
It goes without saying that, at MFO ITALIA, we can provide advisory services for estate planning, asset transfers, wills and inheritance / succession formalities, in Italy or elsewhere.
At MFO ITALIA, we have built up a solid experience in legal actions relating to inheritance claims by legitimate successors under Italian law (the so-called “azione di riduzione”), probate issues and the contestation of wills and the judicial allocation of the assets included within a deceased’s estate.
MFO ITALIA, in fact, is founded on the partnership and collaboration of professionals who have pooled their scientific interest and combined expertise in the law of foundations, trust and company law (for example, with respect to simple businesses or their equivalent under foreign laws of other countries) and inheritance law, whether domestic or international, building up over time on their experience in the assistance of wealth and business founders, family offices, trust companies and banks.