Our firm and professionals have also built up a solid expertise in wealth transition planning, designing effective and practical solutions that can meet and satisfy the needs of wealth owners in respect of managing the transition of family (or other) wealth from generation to generation, capable of withstanding the effects of time.

In this field, at MFO ITALIA, we offer a range of wealth transition planning and management services based on:

  • the recognition and evaluation of the estate;
  • the weighting of equivalent portions;
  • the separation of and /or efficient arrangements for the interests in and title to the wealth of individuals, households and corporations;
  • the protection of family wealth;
  • wealth transition planning during life and / or by will;
  • the study and design of family agreements and / or other arrangements (in respect of paper securities, rules of engagement, shareholders’ agreements, limitations to the sale of interests in businesses);
  • the examination and study of forms of business governance capable of meeting wealth transition needs.