"To unite what right sanctions
with what is prescribed by interest,
in order that justice and utility
may in no case be divided"

J.J. Rousseau, The Social Contract


MFO ITALIA is a law firm founded by professionals from various backgrounds who, in over twenty years, have shared the study and practice of Italian law, along with that of many different foreign countries, always seeking for the best combination of regulations and solutions tailored to both individuals and companies looking to find answers to questions or new solutions for their business and / or assets.

Favouring an approach that is naturally inclined to fully exploit the peculiarities and ideas springing from each case, our MFO experts – whether lawyers or business professionals (chartered accountants) – are deeply committed to providing the best possible tailored professional, study and research, consulting, representation and, of course, defence services.

Our guiding star is to always comply with the principles and values inspired by:

  • quality and efficiency
  • organisational flexibility
  • independence
  • client proximity
  • timeliness
  • confidentiality


The focus on each area of expertise, selected by the members according to their respective and complementary academic and professional backgrounds, together with each one’s passion for common and / or complementary topics and areas of practice, has enabled us to build up a solid and widespread basis of skills, improved on a daily basis and implemented through their application to constantly new and diverse cases and situations.


MFO ITALIA comprises a team of lawyers and chartered accountants providing top-end high-level integrated legal and tax advisory and consultancy services to our clients.